Friday, March 19, 2010

Origami Bucky Flower Ball

The first one is made from different colored paper, but the second one is made only from white paper, and I painted her, I wanted to look more like frangipani, which is my favorite flower :D


Did you know?

Origami Australia built an origami house big enough to walk into, complete with origami furniture and decorations. They used over one square kilometre of paper and over 15,000 separate creases resulting in 395 bricks. Over 2,000 man hours were needed and 4,512 cups of coffee!
Origami House in the great outdoors - photomontage by Matt Gardiner
Jun Maekawa's penguin, Flowers folded by June Sakamoto & Kay Eng- traditional lily, Yamaguchi's narcissus, Ted Normington's Daffodil. The vase is Verdi's vase. Sushi Tray by Matt Gardiner, Makoto Yamaguchi's sushi folded by Matt
Flowers & Sushi, Chairs & Table, crane arrangement in frame on wall by Brenda Saunders

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