Friday, March 5, 2010

Important people that I appreciate

1. First of all Gale Harold for the part in Queer as Folk ( he is playing the role of a gay man, but in reality he is straight, so he is doing a really good job) ! And of course he is gorgeous

Gale Harold Pictures, Images and Photos
You can see him act also in "Desperate Housewives", "Falling for Grace" or "Particles of Truth".

"Gale has very strong opinions, and he's very political," says Queer As Folk executive producer Ron Cowen, with no small measure of pride. "Sometimes I think he's the smartest person I've ever met. I know a lot of smart, well-educated, well-read people. But there's something about Gale where it takes a leap, from education, or keen intelligence, to some other place. Genius is a cheap word, especially in Hollywood. But he's really smart."
Gale Harold Pictures, Images and Photos

gale harold vs ashton kutcher???

Well, 90% of the ones who responded to this video had chosen Gale. I totally agree :D

PS: watch the end of the video!Photobucket

2. MIKA ( Michael Holbrook Penniman) is a British singer-songwriter.

I absolutely love his songs, because are very colorful and happy
In my preference order:
a) I smile every time I hear this song

c)Here, I love his energy!

Is Mika really likes big girl? Click here to find out.

3. Jesse McCartney... Well, he is cute! That is a good reason for me Photobucket
jesse McCartney Pictures, Images and Photos
But I will not forget about his acting, writing and singing.
  • You can see him act in Greek or Keith( where he is absolutely hot)
  • He wrote "Bleeding Love"
  • His big hit is "Leavin"

It seems like he can do anything!

To be continued....


sithonia said...

vad ca iti exersezi engleza. bravo!

PS: poti redimensiona dimensiunile videoclipurilor, sa-ti incapa in latimea blogului.

ally said...

Da, imi propun ca toate posturile sa fie in engleza, ca sa fiu obligata sa imi imbunatatesc engleza. Mersi, sith!
Trebuie sa ma uit la codul videoclipurilor si sa-l redimensionez... sa vad daca reusesc ca si pe mine ma deranjeaza ca nu incap in pagina