Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lily Kusudama

A stunning kusudama made from 24 lily flowers



Here is the tutorial for lily flower:

And the assembly part:

Did you know?

Ten Things to Try If You Get Stuck:

Everyone hits an origami brick wall sooner or later, but don’t panic –here are a number of alternatives for you to try:
  •  Ask a friend to fold the model with you.
  •  Forget what you were folding, and make something else.
  • Look at the next drawing and bodge it.
  •  Re-read the text more carefully.
  • Throw away the model and start again.
  •  Try it again with a larger square.
  •  Have a cup of tea before coming back to it.
  •  Leave it overnight before coming back to it.
  •  Leave it a week before come back to it (and so on).
  • Write to me and ask for help Photobucket


Kikimiki said...

superrrr frumoasa sa ma repet rabdare nu gluma :) ..felicitari :)

Offtopic : De vineri ma tot chinui sa iti dau mail :)) ..sper ca diseara sa il finalizez si sa il trimit ( pe adresa de e-mail la profilul de gmail il dau )

Te pup sa ai o duminica frumoasa si sper ca si la voi e insorita ca pe aici

ally said...

Multumesc kiki! Nu am adresa de gmail, adresa mea e Nu stiu cum am reusit sa fac blog cu adresa de yahoo, dar am reusit :))
Hai ca m-ai facut curioasa, astept mailul :)
O duminica frumoasa si tie!

Kikimiki said...

da asta e ...acum am trimis ..ziceam ca e la profilul de blogger ( daca apesi pe profilul tau iti apare scris e-mail ) si de acolo am luat-o ;) ..pupici

ally said...

Mersi pentru e-mail, Alessia! :)

Roxy said...

ally super frumoasa
ma bucur ca macar ai timp , chiar si putin, sa faci asa frumuseti
spor la cat mai multe

ally said...

Mersi mult, Roxy! Pentru ceea ce-ti place sa faci cu adevarat, mereu gasesti timp :P
Te pup

Ann Martin said...

So beautiful! And I love your list of tips in case one gets stuck.